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You Live to Connect!

Based on your answers, you find comfort and inspiration in the company of others. You’re constantly forming new connections and strengthening existing ones. Whether making new friends or engaging in small talk in a shop, you love what happens when people come together. And so do we.

There are countless reasons to choose to call Mather Place home. Yet, what really counts is the strong sense of community. From our friendly residents and staff, to the class instructors, visiting artists, and local musicians who offer their expertise on a wide variety of topics, there’s no shortage of folks who keep your days exciting and memorable. Learn more about life at Mather Place by watching this short video.

• Mingle with others at book clubs, fitness class, cocktail hours, and more!
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• Chat with neighbors at one of our restaurants.
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• Connect to a larger community—right here in the heart of the North Shore.
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